Alts.trade provides a simple and powerful REST API to allow you to programmably perform nearly all actions that you can from our web interface.

All requests to use the application/json content type and go over https. The base url is https://alts.trade/api/{version} .

All requests are GET requests and all responses come in a default response object with the result in the result field. Always check the success flag to ensure that your API call succeeded.

If you are affected by these limits as an active trader, please visit https://altstrade.freshdesk.com/ and open a support ticket.

If you have any questions, feedback or recommendation for API , you can post a question in our support center.

API Reference

Currently, we have three API functions group.

  • Public - Public information available without an API key
  • Market - For programmatic trading of crypto currencies
  • Account - For managing your account

Public API Use without API keys.

GET https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/public/getmarkets
Get markets list on alts.trade
GET https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/public/getcurrencies
Get currencies list on alts.trade
GET https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/public/getorderticker
Get orders for specific market
GET https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/public/getmarketsummaries
Get market summaries.
GET https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/public/getorderbook
Get orders for specific market
GET https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/public/getmarkethistory
Get trades for specific market
GET https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/public/getdepth/LTC-BTC
Get orders depth data for specific market

Market API Use API keys for these APIs

POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/market/buylimit
Create buy limit order
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/market/selllimit
Create sell limit order
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/market/cancelorder
Cancel order by uuid
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/market/getopenorders
Get open orders for market..

Account API Use API keys for these APIs

POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/account/getbalances
Get balances for user.
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/account/getbalance
Get coin's balance for user.
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/account/getdepositaddress
Get coin's deposit address for user.
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/account/performwithdraw
Perform withdraw.
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/account/getorderbyuuid
Get order by uuid.
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/account/getwithdrawalhistory
Get withdraw history for user.
POST https://alts.trade/api/v1.0/account/getdeposithistory
Get deposit history for user.

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